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Imagine More Than Marriage Graphic

Imagine More Than Marriage

When we think about promoting the well-being of queer people, can we imagine more than legalizing same sex marriage?

SSQL held a series of discussions, in print, online, and in person, as a response to the Stanford Symposium on Marriage Equality that was held on October 10-12 at the Stanford Law School. Some written materials were distributed in print at the symposium, and have been compiled with online articles at a Tumblr page SSQL set up. The name of our project, “Imagine More Than Marriage”, was inspired by a sticker seen on Stanford’s campus, across the street from Stanford’s LGBT-CRC.

Compilation includes:

  • A remastered “Imagine More Than Marriage” graphic. We instructions from the designer of the original graphic to share this graphic everywhere, so please proliferate it widely!
  • An article featuring a variety of perspectives on marriage equality and the marriage equality movement.
  • A BuzzFeed Community article (also posted to Stanford STATIC) on some LGBTQ issues that LGBTQ activism needs to prioritize.
  • An infographic summarizing what an LGBTQ movement emphasizing transformative justice would look like. This was adapted from a more complete table outlining ways to center queer youth in political activism.
  • list of some organizations that promote transformative queer justice, along with comparisons of the budgets of these organizations with the budget of Human Rights Campaign (whose president, Chad Griffin, spoke at the opening plenary of the symposium).
  • A statement of SSQL’s position on the symposium.
  • list of some further readings on issues that are “more than marriage”