SSQL Statement on Graduate Student Council Funding Decision

The Graduate Student Council ( GSC ), Stanford University has voted to fund a Stanford Anscombe Society event on April 4th and 5th. From their website, Stanford Anscombe Society “defines the family as one man and one woman bound together by marriage” and “promotes the idea that sexual integrity is necessary for this family unit to be successful.”

Their event on April 4th and 5th will bring speakers such as Ryan Anderson, who has equated homosexuality to alcoholism and pedophilia and encourages conversion therapy and prayer to change an individual’s sexual desires. Another invited speaker will be Robert Oscar Lopez, who has directly compared gay parents to slave owners. He has equated same-sex adoption to “… cultural genocide practices once used against Blacks and [Native Americans].” Due to last week’s decision, these speakers will be partially funded by the Graduate Student Council, and all fee-paying graduate students.

The GSC has a funding policy which states: “The GSC will not fund events or activities that create an environment where a given segment of the graduate student population are made to feel unwelcome at the event due to religious, political, or other conviction.”

Stanford Students For Queer Liberation stands in solidarity with all graduate students who oppose the use of their money to fund these speakers, and all Stanford students whose identities are negated and attacked by this event.

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